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Pomni Imya Svoye

"The Sky and Stone"


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Release: 2017
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Pomni Imya Svoye - The Sky and Stone CD

The new album by this remarkable Russian band (that could be translated as “Remember Your Name”) contains ten songs - one song more than the digital version of the album. Half of the songs are based on poems by famous Russian poets, while the others were written by the very talented (and cute…) female vocalist Ksenia Fandeeva! “Pomni Imya Svoye” stand for bizarre and melodious songs, sad and anxious, hysterical and almost hopeless. It is a living Russian word, as native and clear, deep and simple, as life itself. Pomni Imya Svoye is one of the most sincere and penetrating commands, dared to combine in their music poetic Russian words and chilling funeral chants. Pure and deep female vocals that reach the innermost meaning of human life – offering a glimpse into the soul, and bringing to surface the pain and joy, confusion and anger… Minimalist Piano, spreading often very negativeand hopeless atmosphere, echoing the stringy and wide accordion part. In their songs, you will find a distinctive harmony of music and text, feeling and rhythm. A fusion of simplicity and eternity…
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1.Будет Петь Холодный Одинокий Ветер (Will Sing Cold Lonely Wind)
2.Оленье Солнце(Deer Sun)
4.Гой Ты, Русь
5.Райские Яблоки(Paradise Apples)
6.Синее Небо(The Blue Sky)
9.Северный Ветер(North Wind)
10.Синий Цвет(Blue Colour)