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Position Parallele

"En Garde A Vue"


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Release: February 2017
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Position Parallele - En Garde A Vue CD

If you pass by here come to see me. I'll tell you things you do not want to believe. And then if you are afraid it will be normal I myself dare not believe too much. Listen to my story and shut up after I'll be too far away and you will not hear me. Already I hear the footsteps that resonate in the corridors of the 'Guard à Vue', the footsteps that resonate, resonate, resonate ...... Position Parallèle - En Garde à Vue
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1.Quelques Aiguilles
2.Par La Fenêtre
3.Pas Plus Loin
4.Mon Juge Assassin
6.A L' A S S A S S I N ! !
8.Silence Et Grésillement
9.Rasoir Jetable
10.Mon Plus Bel Echo
11.Ne Pleure Plus