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"I Love My Chainsaw EP"


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Release: 2012
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Powermouth - I Love My Chainsaw EP MCD

Powermouth is a juggernaut of industrial strength shock metal, rising up from the apocalyptic ashes of the future. Chainsaw riffs and superpower beats smash the known Corporate world to rubble, while sweeping symphonic arrangements give loft to subversive ideology and birth to a voracious new world order.For your safety and protection of a pristine tomorrow, enlist now and be a working part of the most vital superpower this world has ever seen.

Vendetta Music is proud to present the debut release from Los Angeles based Powermouth. This 9 track EP features 4 originals, 4 remixes and a cover of the Die Krupps anthem "Fatherland."
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InfraRot item number:2012.103
Label:Vendetta Music
Label's catalogue number:VM0054
1.I Love My Chainsaw
2.The Great Dissection
3.Firepower Superpower
4.Use Your Mouth
5.Fatherland (DIE KRUPPS Cover)
6.The Great Dissection (ErillaZ Remix)
7.Firepower Superpower (Neverdice Remix)
8.I Love My Chainsaw (Jim Zero Remix)
9.Use Your Mouth (Jim Zero Remix)