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Preemptive Strike 0.1

"Defence Readiness : Condition 1"


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Release: October 2023
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Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Defence Readiness : Condition 1 CD

Dark electro industrial band PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 from Crete Greece comes back to its "home" Label INFACTED RECORDINGS after 8 years, to release its 8th full length album "DEFENCE READINESS: CONDITION 1" !! A selection of tracks to remind us of the foundation and the beginning of the band , back to the pure old dark electro of the 90's and the use of several hardware synths and machines. Uptempo tracks for the dance floors among which the two singles that preceded the album: MARAUDERS FROM EARTH and RESSURECTIVE HUNGER but also some slower and nightmarish tracks. The album includes many surprises such as collaborations with Kristal Ann of PARADOX OBSCUR and Cleopatra Kaido (MEAT INJECTION, DRAMA QUEEN) , the Hellectro band NANO INFECT as well as a remix by the legendary Swedish Old school dark electro band SEVEN TREES! Another highlight is the cover of THOR THE POWERHEAD the famous track of the world's greatest epic metal band MANOWAR! PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 are(is?) back to stay and DEFENSE READINESS: CONDITION is the proof.
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1.The Necromancer (Intro) 00:37
2.Ressurective Hunger (Feat Kriistal Ann)04:37
3.Stellar Castaway 04:29
4.Marauders From Earth 05:06
5.The Base Was Overrun 03:56
6.Pause In Chaos / Stop The Madness04:52
7.Lunacy Stimulator 04:10
8.State Of War (Defcon 1 Edit) 04:38
9.Beyond Reality (Feat. Cleopatra Caido)05:13
10.Thor The Powerhead (Manowar Cover)05:01
11.Stellar Castaway (Seven Trees Remix)04:17