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Presence Of Mind



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Release: June 2023
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Presence Of Mind - Humans CD

Swedish synthpop band „Presence Of Mind“ present their official debut album „Humans“ on Infacted Recordings. After the release of their singles „Lonely Like Me“ and „Human“ they present a synthpop album full of melancholy and warmth. „Presence of Mind“ are somehow a traditional 80s influenced synthpop band combining the best of the „good old“ synthetic pop days with the production skills of todays technology. A great production and a really talented vocalist make you listen to the album over and over again. „Humans“ is a a must have for all fans of artists such as Iris, Mesh, Camouflage or Depeche Mode.
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1.Leave Me Your Weapon
2.The Fall
4.Enlighten Me
5.Surely Not Mine
6.Lonely Like Me
7.Hunting Light
8.I’M Running
9.Taller Than Anyone