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Presence Of Mind

"Pain Of No Return (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Presence Of Mind - Pain Of No Return (Limited Edition) MCD

Style: Electro / synth / pop. Re-release of Presence|of|Mind’s classic EP originally a digital release from 2011. Re-edited and limited to 500 copies only! The digital release of Pain of No Return was a milestone for P|o|M and a “new start” for the band, producing finest Electropop in Sweden since the early 90s. A modern sound combining different influences resulted in some really strong songs and from a live perspective Pain of No Return is still a favorite. P|o|M decided that this EP was simply too good to be a digital release only and now - in conjunction with the all new album - Pain of No Return is available for the first time on CD!
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1.Pain Of No Return
2.Strangest Of Bonds
3.Not Here 4 Me
4.Without Reason
5.The Way I Found