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Pride And Fall

"Red For The Dead - Black For The Mourning (Complete Edition)"

2LP + 2CD

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Release: 2016
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Pride And Fall - Red For The Dead - Black For The Mourning (Complete Edition) 2LP + 2CD

"Complete Edition" in gatefold sleeve with 2LP (180g vinyl, black) and 2 CDs (incl. 3 bonus tracks) and large-sized booklet (500 copies available)

Great things are in store ...
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1.The Angel At The Pillar
2.Army Of Ghosts
3.When Darkness Comes
4.Noises Within
5.Start Of A New Day
6.Broken Men
7.The Sentiment Was False
9.Red For The Dead, Black For The Mourning
10.Army Of Ghosts (Ginger Snap5 Remix)
11.When Darkness Comes (C-Lekktor Remix)
12.Broken Men (Nevarakka Remix)