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Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Profil - s/t LP + CD

The Profil album has been released originally in 1982 on the Welt-Rekord Label and with hits like „Berühren“ and „Ich Liebe Dich“ it has become a milestone in the German NDW genre. Heinz Robert Martin, the main man behind Profil, always would have loved to have the Album on a Picture Vinyl and because it has also never been released on CD we are happy to present this nice package: the original album remastered on a Picture LP including the CD version featuring 3 bonus tracks (the maxi version of „Berühren“ and two B-sides), a full colour 21x21cm inlay with a version of the original artwork plus a postcard and sticker. The CD is also available seperately of course.
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Label:Genetic Music
3.Schwimmen Im Geld
5.So Kühl
6.Ich Liebe Dich
7.In Form
8.C'est La Vie
9.Lieber Gott
11.Immer Mehr [Cd Bonus Track]
12.Du Lügst [Cd Bonus Track]
13.Berühren (Long Version) [Cd Bonus Track]