InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Project Pitchfork



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Release: January 2018
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Project Pitchfork - Akkretion CD

-CD in 6-panel digipak-28-pages booklet

a million years of solitudeabout to merge into the cloud

From the stars we come, and to the stars we return. Every end is a new beginning - an eternal circle of creation, birth, and death, while the universe expands onward. Peter Spilles knows exactly what this means: it is a theme he has wrestled with for years. And in 2018, dark electro's biggest visionary is tackling these topics with a boldness and clarity like never before. In a spectacular new trilogy, he once again reminds us why PROJECT PITCHFORK were, are, and always will be dark music's figurehead.

when stars are bornno one can stop them

Big talk, sure. And yet, ...
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2.Good Night Death
3.Gravity Waves
4.The Collision
5.And The Sun Was Blue
9.The New Day
10.Good, You Are Distant