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Project Pitchfork

"First Anthology (Fan Edition)"

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Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
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Project Pitchfork - First Anthology (Fan Edition) Set

This set combines the limited 2CD edition (limited to 2,000 copies) and a precious, exclusive t-shirt (100% cotton) of Project Pitchfork. Features of this 2CD edition:

  • Double-CD in luxurious 8-panel digipak in special 7"-format
  • 64-pages extra-booklet (appr. 184 x 184 mm), precious artprint on high-quality paper (170 grams) with elaborate "Singer" thread stitching
  • Booklet incl. an extensive biography (English and German) written by Björn Springorum (ORKUS Magazine) with numerous facts, stories and background information on Project Pitchfork
  • Booklet incl. an extensive picture gallery from Peter Spilles' private archive with tons of unreleased photos from the past 20 years of Project Pitchfork
  • All printed matters with special semi-matt finish

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2.Carrion (Remastered)
3.Existence (Restored)
4.The Island (Remastered)
5.Conjure (Remastered)
6.The Longing (Remastered)
7.Renascence (Restored)
8.Caught In The Abattoir (Remastered)
9.Pan (Remastered)
10.I Live Your Dream (Extended) (Remastered)
11.Io (Remastered)
12.Alpha Omega (Extended) (Remastered)
13.Lie On Grass (Remastered)
14.God Wrote (Remastered)
15.Entity (Remastered)
16.The Gate (Restored)
17.Carnival (Remastered)
18.Ruins Of Ignorance (Remastered)
19.En Garde (Remastered)
20.Terra Incognita (Restored)
21.Human Crossing (Remastered)
22.Bodies (Remastered)
23.Timekiller (Restored)
24.Psychic Torture (Remastered)
25.Steelrose (Remastered)
26.Corps D'Amour (Remastered)
27.Souls (Remastered)
28.Endzeit (Restored)
29.K.N.K.A. (Remastered)
30.Song Of The Winds (Remastered)
31.Green World (Remastered)