InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Project Pitchfork

"Second Anthology"


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Release: 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 days
Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology 2CD

Double-CD in digipak,33 songs, including:- One exclusive, brand-new song- One unreleased duett version with Sven Friedrich- Four songs entirely re-recorded and resung- Six songs re-worked- All tracks carefully remastered- 28-pages booklet

The blood hasn't dried yet. ...
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InfraRot item number:9947.745
1.What Have We Done (Exclusive Song)
2.Beholder (Puppet Master Mix) (Remastered)
3.Rain (Remastered)
4.An End (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
5.I Am (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
6.Splice (Remastered)
7.The Future Is Now (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
8.Stacked Visions (Remastered),
9.The Queen Of Time And Space (Remastered)
10.If I Could (Remastered)
11.Midnight Moon Misery (Remastered)
12.Blood-Thirst (Remastered)
13.Die Schlange Vs. Dämon Der Antwort (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
14.Lament (Remastered)
15.Chains (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
16.Blood-Stained (Remastered)
17.You Rest In My Heart (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
18.Supersonic Snakebite (Iron Fist Mix) (Remastered)
19.Fleischverstärker (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
20.Blood-Pressure (Remastered)
21.View From A Throne (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
22.Insomnia (Remastered)
23.Acid Ocean (Rmx) (Remastered)
24.Feel! (Remastered)
25.The Dividing Line (Feat. Sven Friedrich) (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
26.Blood-Diamond (Remastered)
27.Abyss (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
28.Mute Spectators (Remastered)
29.Full Contact (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
30.The Circus (Rmx) (Remastered)
31.Tempest (Remastered)
32.Inferno (Re-Recorded, Remastered)
33.Passion (Remastered)