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Project Rotten

"Cinema Bizarre"


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Release: 2011
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Project Rotten - Cinema Bizarre CD

After releasing the debut album 'The Freakshow', frontman and grey eminence behind the band Fredrik decided to move in direction of change the sound a bit, stopping his membership in other electro project Menschdefekt. Now Project Rotten is back again with a darker, twisted and more aggressive album called 'Cinema Bizzare'.

'Cinema Bizzare' is the next step in the evolutionary chain of Project Rotten, and adds a bit more twisted, dark, aggressive and raw touch to the music. The new sound is very similar to that of a horror movie and focuses on taking you on a trip descending into madness. The mastering of the release has been done by Sander Kapper (Stahlblack Productions) and the graphics artist Alexander Fröebel has once again created the sick artwork for Project Rotten. Also appearing on the album are guest vocalists from Suicide Commando, PreEmptive Strike 01, etc.

Fredie is BACK! Nightmare just begins...
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1.Soul Stripped (No Future)
2.The Hunger Feat Javi Ssagittar
3.Through The Chaos
4.Nightmares 2K11
5.Crucified (Club Rework)
6.Visions Of Death (Vs PreEmptive Strike 01)
7.Your Saviour (Beg For Release)
8.Club Death Feat Johan Van Roy
9.Fuel My Hatred
10.Borrowed Time
11.Out For Blood 2K11 (Cant Break Us 2K11)