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"Soul Searching"


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Release: December 2019
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Psy'Aviah - Soul Searching CD

Music style: Electropop – EDM – Electro – Trip Hop Atmospheric floating ethereal electronica, hard pumping industrial/EBM, sensual trip hop, nostalgic synthwave, catchy dance pop tunes with blissful male & female vocals.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Becoming Human (Ft. Prof Dr. Dirk De Wachter)
2.Voodoo Love (Ft. Roeland Van Der Velde)
3.Searching (Ft. Mari Kattman)
4.Hold On (Ft. Mark Bebb)
5.New Times (Ft. Alicia May)
6.The Scientific Method
7.Train Of Thought (Ft. Kyoko Baertsoen)
8.Dream Fever (Ft. Saydi Driggers)
9.Lucid Bliss (Ft. Marieke Lightband)
10.Hope (Ft. Addie Nicole)
11.Catching The Sun (Ft. Lis Van Den Akker)
12.City In Flames (Ft. Ellia Bisker)