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"Under the Radar (Limited 2nd Edition)"


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Release: October 2020
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Psyche - Under the Radar (Limited 2nd Edition) CD

Released in late 2017 in a first limited edition and sold out for long. Now available in a Limited 2nd print – still in Digipak, limited to 300 copies! A compilation of rare, out of print and unreleased tracks, including alternative versions of their biggest hits such as “Unveilling the Secret”, “Uncivillized”, “Sanctuary”… All tracks have carefully been remasterd for this special release. Lots of highly sought-after tracks for the collector but also a good starting point for the new fan. It includes – among others – also the amazing ‘THE HUMAN LEAGUE’ cover of ‘Things that Dreams are made of’, featuring the lead vocalist of ELEGANT MACHINERY and other Cover-Versions of songs by JOY DIVISON, DEPECHE MODE and VISAGE, collaborations with RED INDUSTRIE and LUMINANCE and more!
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1.Disorder (Elegy Mix)
2.Unveilling The Secret 30
3.Angel Lies Sleeping (Spanish Extended)
4.Haunted (Noche Mix)
5.Defenseless (Cease Fire Mix By Netz)
6.Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Party Monster Mix)
7.My Preservation (Dj Ram Mix)
8.Left Out (Ft. Luminance)
9.Uncivillized (Train Station Radio)
10.Lie To Me
11.The Damned Don't Cry
12.Strength (Single Mix)
13.The Saint Became A Lush (Radicalg Rework)
14.The Crawler (Elektrokombinat-Ost Remix)
15.Sanctuary (Drunkness Remix)
16.The Hiding Place (Acoustic)
17.Under The Radar