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Veröffentlichung: 2016
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Psychic TV - Alienist CD

PSYCHIC TV and GENESIS P-ORRIDGE don’t need large introductions. The new album, rereleased on Vinyl via Angry Love Productions, is now also available on CD through OEC. ‘Alienist’ includes two original tracks: the haunting yet emotional “I’m looking for You”; an epic, multi-layered, metaphysical exploration in the form of a conversation between Genesis and “Lucifer”, who is in hiding after his failed rebellion is over, and the title track “Alienist” which is a delightful fusion of dance grooves harking back to PTV’s Acid House days and the group’s current love of heavy psychedelic rock.

But ‘Alienist’ also continues Psychic TV’s fascination of reinterpreting contemporary rock classics. This time tackling “Jump into the Fire” by the late Harry Nilsson as well as Genesis’ teenage favorite “How does it feel to feel” by ’60s British psychedelic rockers The Creation. ‘Alienist’ is the follow-up to 2014’s highly acclaimed album ‘Snakes’, recently released for the first time on CD, again on OLD EUROPA CAFÉ.
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1.Jump Into The Fire [9:48]
2.Looking For You [11:51]
3.How Does It Feel To Feel [3:51]
4.Alienist [8:57]