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Psychic TV

"Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord O"


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Release: 2016
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Psychic TV - Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord O CD

In 2003, New York artist/musician Edley O'Dowd gently persuaded Genesis to rekindle her desire to perform and create music as Psychic TV. The result has been a 12 year run of concerts and releases as Psychic TV / PTV3. In January 2016, this catalogue was made available digitally through Dais Records.To commemorate the release of this catalogue, the band has put together an exclusive release entitled "Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights," a compilation featuring live recordings, demos, outtakes and new material from 2003 to the present.
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Label:Sweet Nothing
1.Is It Acid?
2.Thank You Part I (Live At Festal Kruezberg, Berlin, Germany2013)
3.Bb (Demo)
4.Thee Political Ghost
5.Space Jam (Live At Sa Baneira, Porto, Portugal 2004)
6.Limboland; Roman P. (Live At Thee Coral Room, New York City 2004)
7.Pinocchio C
8.Maximum Swing (Demo)
9.I Don't Think So (Demo, No Vocals)
10.Snakes (Bunsen Drone Remix)
11.Slow Roman (Rehearsal)