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Psyclon Nine

"[Disorder: The Shadow Sessions]"


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Release: 2014
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Psyclon Nine - [Disorder: The Shadow Sessions] CD

Genre: Industrial/Blackl

Following up the critically acclaimed album [Order of the Shadow : Act I], Psyclon Nine now presents [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]. The 11 track remix album features impressivenew takes on the songs from [Order of the Shadow : Act I], featuring remixes by ALIENVAMPIRES, DISMANTLED, DIE SEKTOR, LIFE CRIED and others!
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Label's catalogue number:MET938
1.Shadows Unveiled [Version: Falling Skies]
2.Use Once And Destroy [Version: Alien Vampies]
3.Remains Of Eden [Version: Die Sektor]
4.Suffer Well [Version: Dismantled]
5.Use Once And Destroy [Version: Misfit Toys]
6.Afferte Mihi Mortem [Version: Modern Weapons]
7.Afferte Mihi Mortem: Nix Down The Rabbit Hole
8.Order Of The Shadow [Version: The Vile Augury]
9.Take My Hand While I Take My Life: Fetid, Rotting, Fuc*ed And Forgotten
10.Suffer Well [Version: Life Cried]
11.The Saint And The Valentine: A Reclamation