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Psyclon Nine

"Icon Of The Adversary"


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Release: 2018
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Psyclon Nine - Icon Of The Adversary CD

Psyclon Nine presents the long-awaited “Icon of the Adversary”. Blending concussive, machineprecise drums, hammering guitars, scathing vocals & evil electronics, the band is the epitome of dark metal industrial. The band’s creative force, Nero Bellum, says he had to travel to a very dark place to make this album, & it shows. Stunning & unrelentingly evil, “Icon of the Adversary” is without any doubt Psyclon Nine’s finest album to date!
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2.Crown Of The Worm
3.The Light Of Armageddon
4.Beware The Wolves
5.Warm What’S Hollow
6.Behold An Icon
7.When The Last Stars Die
8.And With Fire
9.Give Up The Ghost
10.The Las