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Public Domain Resource

"Six Years"


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Release: 2015
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Public Domain Resource - Six Years CD

Follow up to their debut ‘Dead Surface’ of 2013. "Six Years" was designed to conquere the masses of eletro-addicts. 14 songs of great technological value in which Pietro Oliveri and UgoCrescini combine modern EBM, electro-pop, IDM and clean electronics. Mechanical and dynamic drum-lines delineate energetic rhythmic sections, while the key-boards cerebrally draw synthetic projections and the vocals spread catchy melodies, creating an aura of futurism. The cold rationality of electronics joins harmony and the desire of experi-mentation, edifying a sophisticated and original musicality destined to affirm P.D.R. as new sonic explorers of the Italian Electronic avantgarde.
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Label:Space Race Records
1.White Cloud
2.Das Boot
3.Cold Lightning
4.Sad, So Sad - Tibbets' War
5.Kill Rolf, Kill!
7.Warm Frost
8.The Sergeant And The Snow
9.Our Widows
10.My Control
11.The Rift
12.Irish Soldier
13.The Breath-Kyoshi's Return To Hiroshima
14.Bombs Instead Of Songs