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"Let the State collapse [limited]"


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Release: 2018
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Puissance - Let the State collapse [limited] 3CD

Limited Edition of strictly 444 copies!Long awaited release from this legendary Swedish Industrial band! After 6 longplay albums, inmany respects defining the genre, the time has come for this solid 3CD collection in amazingdeluxe Digibook, featuring the project’s unreleased and rare music!It features absolutely everything from early demo-tapes, 7”, split-releases, live-sessions, archivesand B-sides. This is PUISSANCE in their own unique, inimitable style. Lots of fans have beenwaiting for a proper releases of legendary tracks such as "Krig" & "Obey, Hate, Die" for years, andnow they are here united, and carefully mastered by ‘121’ (Velehentor, Closing The Eternity).Remastered versions of "War on", "Hail the Mushroom Cloud" and many many more... There are44 tracks and more than 3 and a half hours of ecstatic listening experience and catharsis.3CD placed in HEAVY deluxe hardcover digibook with information booklet. For the artwork anddesign, Infinite Fog invited the great painter Artem Grigoryev, who draw exclusive art especiallyfor this important PUISSANCE release!
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.All Form Av Död
3.Döden I All Enkelhet Part I
4.Döden I All Enkelhet Part Ii
5.Orchestral Enema
7.Obey Hate Die
8.Within The Crystal Sphere
9.To Reap The Bitter Crops Of Hate
10.Global Deathrape (Vers)
11.These Barren Ponds Called Hearts
12.Genocidal (Lsd Vers)
13.Biological Waste (Lsd Vers) 1
14.4 A Call To Arms (Selfless Vers)
15.Religion Of Force (Selfless Vers)
16.By The Sword Of Christ
20.I Bid You Farewell
21.Beyond Salvation
22.Speak My Voice (Instr.)
23.Cum Trist Issimo Dolore
25.Venenum Hominitatis
26.An Incarnations Dream
28.Religion Of Force (Unknown Version)
29.Biological Waste (Unknown Version)
30.Genocidal (Unknown Version)
31.A Call To Arms (Instr.)
33.Act I
34.Act Ii
35.Act Iii
36.Act Iv
39.Totalitarian Hearts
40.For The Days Of Pestilence
41.Burn The Earth
42.In Shining Armour
43.Light Of A Dead Sun
44.Command And Conquer