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"Purpurea - The Best Of"


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Release: August 2022
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Qntal - Purpurea - The Best Of 2CD

Transporting modern times to the middle ages and the middle ages to modern times - this approach has marked Qntalw's work since Michael Popp and Syrah, both alumni of the Mozarteum University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Salzburg, Austria, founded the band together with Ernst Horn in 1991. Both had delved deeply into old music during their studies. Michael Popp subsequently worked for the Burgtheater in Vienna and the Kammerspiele in Munich as a freelance theatre musician and composer. In both venues and on the independent theatre scene, he was involved in a number of productions, and - alongside Ernst Horn played as a live guitarist and medieval instrumentalist with Deine Lakaien. Together with Syrah and Estampie, Popp worked on his own interpretation of medieval music. When they brought out their debut album in 1992, their first recording left no doubt that Qntal were an act who would leave their mark on the music landscape. Their double best-of release "Purpurea" sees the trio present a wonderful retrospective, in premium packaging and full to the brim with all the highlights and remixes of their career to date. Combatants of the scene, journalists and fans bow to a band who have changed a lot and have become the spearheads of a musical movement.
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1.All For One
4.Ad Mortem Festinamus
7.Am Morgen Fruo
8.Altas Undaz
11.Von Den Elben
12.Entre Moi Et Mon Amin
14.Unter Der Linden
15.292 (A Darker Shape Mix)
16.Lasse, Grant Doucor
17.La Froidor (Version Noir)
18.Glacies (Obscurus Mix)
19.Veni (Filthy Floor Mix)
20.Rose In The Mor
21.Noit Et Dia (Candidus Mix)
24.Ecce Gratum (Novus Mix)
26.Levis (Half Light Mix)
27.Slahte Wille (Version Bleu)