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Rabia Sorda

"Animales Salvajes"


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Release: 2014
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Rabia Sorda - Animales Salvajes CD

Rabia Sorda are back … and the name of their new EP, which would translate into „wild beasts“ in English, is pretty much programmatic for all the infernal new songs. „Animales Salvajes“ offers up four new sonically explosive charges, as well as three club-compatible remixes.

The new Rabia-Sorda-record almost feels ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Obey Me! (Promises Of Monsters)
2.Die In Berlin
3.We’Re Here To Win
4.I’M Tragedy
5.Animales Salvajes
6.Die In Berlin (Remixed By Unzyme)
7.Die In Berlin (Remixed By Hardwire)
8.Die In Berlin (Remixed By Larva)