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Rabia Sorda

"King Of The Wasteland"


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Release: 2016
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Rabia Sorda - King Of The Wasteland MCD

All you need is hate! On the new single „King Of The Wasteland“, the Mexican-German inferno-mob Rabia Sorda unleashes the primal force of wrath in an anthemic Electro-Punk-attack.

A storm is coming. A new beginning needs the complete and utter annihilation of the old. Anger is an energy... and each generation needs its own kind of rebellion. Like a force of nature, Rabia-Sorda- and Hocico-front-berzerker Erk Aicrag unleashes a cleansing tornado of hatred. “King Of The Wasteland” combines hard Electro with raw Punk and Industrial to a modern anthem of insurgence. Bundled with b-side “Monster”, which effectively bonds retro-electronica with a punky attitude, plus three adequately infernal remixes, Rabia Sorda crown themselves kings of the wasteland and let expectations rise for the upcoming new album. “King Of The Wasteland” is released in a hand-numbered Digipak, limited to 999. copies. Let's spit the apocalypse in the face! Hail to the king of the wasteland!
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Label:Out Of Line
1.King Of The Wasteland
3.King Of The Wasteland (Feil Version)
4.Monster (Remixed By Practice)
5.King Of The Wasteland (Remixed By Shaârghot, Feat Clemx)