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Release: 2008
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Rajna - Duality CD

Seventh opus of this group with far-away inspirations. Shared between shadows and lights, Rajna's compositions stamped of Oriental flavors mixed with Western sweetnesses are offering the most refined and peaceful charm. 16 tracks for 60 minutes of music with pure and developed ethnic sounds. The voice of Jeanne magnifies the inibriating and soothing melodies of "Duality". All instruments are also used to complete this journey and exalt your senses seeking the absolute plenitude. "Duality" is also the meeting of many personalities, musicians in harmony with the research of the most mesmerizing sounds. Rajna continues his ascent to an ideal maturity, enriching at each new release all elements invited to the perpetuity of his musical exploration.
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InfraRot item number:2003.136
Label:Holy Records
Label's catalogue number:HOLY123CD
1.Towards The Universe
2.Above This Grey Land
3.We Are The Echoes
5.Pearl Into The Ocean
8.Sun Comes To Life
10.Le Toit Du Monde
12.Tree Of Patience
13.I Sued To Pray....
15.At Dawn
16.The Echoes (Bonus Track)