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"Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall (limited)"


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Release: 2018
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Raskolnikov - Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall (limited) LP

Style: ColdwaveRaskolnikov is a Franco-Swiss coldwave / post-punk band formed in Geneva in September 2015.The trio offers an amazing amalgamtion of hypnotic rhythms and dark, tortured melodies. Thegroup takes its name from the main character of Dostojevski's famous novel "Crime and Punishment".Raskolnikov's music, strongly influenced by the Post-punk and New-wave bands of the late 70's andearly 80's, is both powerful and haunting. The first album "Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall" is composedby 7 original compositions, originally recorded in June 2016 and re-worked for this album!After an extended tour of more than 20 live-dates in France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark andPoland in 2017, Raskolnikov will return to European stages in spring 2018!See CD version for tracklist.
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Label:Manic Depression
2.Hunde Sind An Der Leine Zu Führen
4.Fire Bombing
5.Poddanie Bezwarunkowe
6.Hochmut Kommt Vor Dem Fall
7.It's Going To Be Fine, After All