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"Lazy people will destroy you"


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Release: March 2020
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Raskolnikov - Lazy people will destroy you CD

Raskolnikov are a French-Swiss cold-wave band, formed in 2015 in Geneva and this is their second album on Manic Depression! The album ‘Lazy people…’ is truly remarkable and takes you in a sort of ‘tele-transportation’ back in time and space to the spirit, the sound, the atmosphere of 80s Batcave. Everything on this album is naturally linked with Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Mission and even the better days of Christian Death! Raskolnikov gets its name from the main character of Dostojevski's «Crime and Punishment». Does the ghost of Fedor Mikhailovitch Dostojevsky haunt this Raskolnikov here? Have they committed a "Crime", do they suffer a "Punishment"? The answer is multiple: composed by 2 Swiss and 1 French musicians with parents from Spain, Poland and Italy - Raskolnikov is a truly ‘trans-European’ unity and downright imprinted in their fresh post punk, new wave, goth nebula. In their sound we find taste, the smell and the fumes of true Batcave – especially THAT Batcave of the famous club of Soho/London nights in the 80s, and its roaring war cry: "Absolutely no Funk".
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Label:Manic Depression
1.Faut Pas Faire Chier Albert Roche
2.Stockholm 2
3.Fall Colours
4.Montauk Point Lighthouse
5.No Safety Word 06 Vij
7.Sold Dead Souls
8.Don't Want To See The Doctor Today
9.Stockholm 3