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Rational Youth & Psyche

"Thunderstruck/Underrated (Limited Edition)"


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Release: July 2020
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Rational Youth & Psyche - Thunderstruck/Underrated (Limited Edition) Single/7

Released on cheese-burger cheese orange vinyl. Limited to 250 copies. Download included!

It happened this year in Sweden. Rational Youth reunited for their first shows in Europe in well over a decade, supported by fellow-Canadian, though now long-time ex-pats Psyche. Both artists have a dedicated fan-following, and whether you take ‘Unveiling the Secret’ or ‘Cold War Night Life’, ‘The Crawler’ or ‘Holiday in Bangkok’, both artists have left an undeniable mark on the electro-pop scene both in Canada and in Europe.

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1.A. Thunderstruck
2.B. Underrated