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Rational Youth

"Future Past Tense"


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Release: 2017
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Rational Youth - Future Past Tense CD

The first new Rational Youth studio material since 1999 on CD. A CD digipak version of the successful Future Past Tense comeback release by Rational Youth. Features new exclusive remixes by Decoded Feedback, Joham Baeckström, Mars TV and Johan Billing. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. [The] most relevant and satisfying music since Rational Youth's lauded 1982 debut album, Cold War Night Life. -Barry Walters, Bandcamp Daily
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1.This Side Of The Border
2.Western Man
3.In The Future
4.Here It Comes Again
5.Prison Of Flesh
6.Unveiling The Secret (The Word Made Flesh)
7.Dancing To The Fall Of The Berlin Wall (Ry Techniques Berlin Cover)
8.The Face Of Dorian Grey (With Johan Baeckstr™M)
9.This Side Of The Border (Yone Defcode Decoded Feedback Remix)
10.Prison Of Flesh (Johan Baeckstr™M Remix)
11.Western Man (Mžngelexemplar Remix)
12.Here It Comes Again (Mars Tv Remix)
13.This Side Of The Border (Diskodiktator Remix)
14.In The Future (Digital Diatribe Remix)