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"This Clear Shining (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2010
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Razorfade - This Clear Shining (Limited Edition) 2CD

This limited carton box edition with the bonus disc "Re-shining" including special club, radio or extended versions, bonus songs as well as a few exclusive remixes.

Infos about the album:Here comes a dark and melodic album that finally brings hope and light to a stagnating dark goth music world: "This Clear Shining" by Razorfade! An aptly titled debut album of such high maturity that this new band could only be hiding experienced musicians!

Featuring ex-members of Suspiria and ...
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InfraRot item number:2007.446
Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM2156DCD
1.The Razor Fades
2.Chemical Distraction
3.Shout Down
4.Clear Shining
6.Hiding My Demons
9.Fear Is Rising
10.Walking On Water
11.Fooled Again
12.Cold As The Night
13.A Push Away From Falling
14.Chemical Distraction (One More Hit)
15.Hiding My Demons (Secrets And Lies)
16.Fooled Again (EX.ES Remix)
17.Shout Down (Beneath The Hand That Strikes)
18.Burning (Conflagration Mix By Adam-V)
19.Liberation (US Extended Club Mix)
20.Sounds Like A Melody
21.Fear Is Rising (Victims Ball Remix)
22.Shout Down (Dave Foreman Club Mix)
23.Walking On Water (Drowning On Words)
24.Cold As The Night (Parralox Remix)
25.Hiding My Demons (Acoustic Version)
26.Breathe (Friends Of Alice Ivy Remix)