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"micro: macro: nano (Limited Special Edition)"


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Release: December 2022
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Reakton - micro: macro: nano (Limited Special Edition) CD

REAKTON from Berlin made a solid debut in the electronic scene with their debut album "Weltall: Erde: Mensch" (2019, Electro Shock) and shortly after signed a contract with Out Of Line, on which this album was originally released, but in digital format and as a super limited USB-stick ONLY! As a result of joint efforts of Razgrom, the musicians of REAKTON and by kind agreement with Out Of Line, the physical version of “micro: macro: nano” is now being released in a limited edition and including two additional bonus tracks. REAKTON is one of the most interesting and innovative projects creating minimalistic and, at the same time, high-tech retro electro music on the foundations which were once formulated at the end of the twentieth century by KRAFTWERK – and that's why it was so important for Razgrom Music to get this project onboard. Analog, laconic and intelligent electronic sound has already become a “calling card” for many projects on Razgrom (MASCHINE BRENNT, DATAPOP, UNISONLAB, KRAFTMAN, KOSMONAUTE etc.). However, REAKTON's music has its own unique "hi-tech charisma" and graceful personality, still maintaining a close re- lation to machine-pop with vocoders and exploring the nuances of artificial intelligence, machine logic and computer technology. The band themselves define their musical style as "robotronica". The quality of sound and mastering of the album are just brillant – TOP level!
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4.Deep Learning
7.Surgery Girl
10.Smart Dust City
12.Nano (Jan Ehret Remix)
13.Nano (K-Paul Remix)