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"micro:macro:nano (Limited Edition Wafer Card)"


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Release: July 2022
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Reakton - micro:macro:nano (Limited Edition Wafer Card) USB

Limited USB wafer Card!

Beautiful new world! Social media, body modification, smart home, streaming platforms, data cloud - the list of digital achievements seems endless. Reakton provide the musical translation on their second album "micro:macro:nano": finest Robotronic Music, originally initiated by Kraftwerk and developed over decades, bringing their fans closer to all miracles & wonders that modern people are exposed to on a daily basis. But unlike the "Kling Klang Pioneers", Reakton cannot and do not want to resist ironic nuances such as in the singles "Smart Dust City" or "Surgery Girl" and lead the zeitgeist with almost casual vocabulary smugly ad absurdum.

Welcome to the future – the robotic engineers are taking over.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.01.nano 4:38
2.02.aerosol 5:26
3.03.kommunikation 4:24
4.04.deep Learning 6:30
5.05.elektronenmikroskop 4:37
6.06.entertainment 3:48 Girl 6:07
8.08.atom 5:27
9.09.pixel 3:28 Dust City 4:01 6:01
12.Nano (Remix By Jan Ehret) 4:27
13.Nano (Remix By K-Paul) 5:20
14.12 Minutes Of Atom (Remix By Adriano Theel) 12:02
15.12 Minutes Of Entertainment (Remix By Adriano Theel) 12:00
16.12 Minutes Of Surgery Girl (Remix By Adriano Theel) 12:20
17.12 Minutes Of Smart Dust City (Remix By Adriano Theel) 12:00