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Release: 2019
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Rebentisch - Charisma CD

REBENTISCH: A name and a band of two men who know what they don't want. Who want to bring a special kind of listening assault. The duo from Berlin, songwriter and frontman Sven Rebentisch, and bassist Jens Bohm reach out with their bluntly, forcefully lyrics directly to the heart of the audience. The band is multi-faceted.

Not just lovers of Pop & Wave music will enjoy REBENTISCH's special style which don't move only in spheres of bands like New Order, The Cure and Depeche Mode, but play with the genres and leaning out far outside the box. On CHARISMA you'll meet guests like ALEXANDER KRUPP (from the band KALTHERZIG from Minsk), the author CALVIN KLEEMANN and the EBM-project T.D.D.. If it's not enough you'll find a german cover-version of an ANNE CLARK song!
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1.Denen Du Etwas Bedeutest (Maxi-Version)
2.Durch Dich
3.Junkie (Feat. Alexander Krupp)
5.Extasy (Regen Fällt)
6.Ich Lieb' Dich So Wie Du Bist (T.d.d. Love Rmx)
7.Letzter Anblick
8.Am Bahnhof
10.Crescent/dennis (Feat. Calvin Kleemann)
11.Zeit Totschlagen (Cover Von Anne Clark's „Killing Time“)