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Release: January 2021
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Rebirth - System:Error 2CD

Special DOUBLE-CD for Rebirth! The first CD includes the 12 official tracks of the album, while the second volume contains 11 amazing remixes elaborated by big names that will please all fans of alternative electro! Incl. Atropine, Rotersand, Oldschool Union, Covenant, Struck 9, Frozen Plasma, Pyroline, ADkeY, Kifoth, Deadly Injection and Onenine. An awaited, exciting and stellar return! After having distinguished themselves superbly in 2018 with their debut abum "The Worst Dream", the Swiss Rebirth reappear to the scene proposing a new double full lengh with truly amazing contents, that replicate the winning sonic schemes that characterizes this gifted duo. Sophisticated but absolutely intelligible electronics - technically perfect - ensure great entert- ainment and danceability, while the obscure atmospheres surround the listener, dragging him into a vortex of ecstasy, torment and altered perceptions of reality. "System: Error" is an authentic masterpiece of avant-garde sound, which enhances the combi- nation between the force of dark electro and the technological dynamism of Electronic Body Music. Harsh vocals, percussive midtempo scans of drum programming, cold sequencer emissions, powerful bass lines and alienating synths sections, create a strongly polarizing melodism.
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1.Letzte Schlacht
2.Streets Of The Damned
3.#6240# Wired
4.Total Control
7.#6240# Connected
8.Teufel In Mir
9.Ultimate Sin
11.Life Is A Lie
12.Devils And Demons
13.Total Control (Atropine Rmx)
14.Streets Of The Damned (Rotersand Rmx)
15.Teufel In Mir (Oldschool Union Rmx)
16.Total Control (Covenant Rmx)
17.Teufel In Mir (Struck 9 Rmx)
18.Streets Of The Damned (Frozen Plasma Rmx)
19.#6240# Wired (Pyroline Rmx)
20.Teufel In Mir (Adkey Rmx)
21.Total Control (Kifoth Rmx)
22.R.i.p. (Deadly Injection Rmx)
23.1986 (Onenine Rmx)