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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

"The Singles"


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Release: May 2021
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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - The Singles 2LP

For the first time ever this 27 track double album collects all of their singles on Red Rhino and Beggars Banquet/Situation Two on Vinyl. A mandatory compilation that also includes the bonus 7 inch originally appeared on the first ltd version of the 1986 album ‘Paint Your Wagon’ (Paint Your Wagon/More Jipp), an alternative and harder rendition of ‘Beating My Head’ (originally appeared o the Ep ‘This Today’) and ‘Russia’ from the 1984 Ep ‘Hollow Eyes’. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry were one of the most successful independent bands of the 80’s with their dark and often manic rhythms.
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1.Beating My Head,
2.I’M Still Waiting,
3.Take It All Away,
4.Happy, He’S Read,
5.See The Fire
6.Monkeys On Juice,
9.Hollow Eyes,
11.Beating My Head (12” Version)
14.Spinning Round,
15.Spinning Round (Crash Mix),
16.Hold Yourself Down,
17.Paint Your Wagon,
18.More Jipp
19.Jipp (Instrumental Mix),
20.Cut Down,
21.Running Fever,
22.Pushed Me,
23.Crawling Mantra,
24.Hang Man,
25.All The Same,
26.Shout At The Sky (Live)