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Red Temple Spirits

"Complete Recordings"


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Release: 2013
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Red Temple Spirits - Complete Recordings 2CD

This is without a doubt, the most beautiful, incredible and most deluxe packaging in the history of the French cult label. And CULT is what we are talking about on here! Cult! Yes, there is no other word to descrive these two albums by the Los Angeles-based band, released in 1988 and 1989. Both albums are real Gothic pearls one dives for!

Dallas Taylor, Dino Paredes, William Faircloth and Scott McPearson created a sort of ‘one of the kind’ alchemy of psychedelic-goth-rock. Cult too are the packages handmade by Bruce Licher (Savage Republic) at his legendary Independent packaging company Project Press.

Around A5-sized slider, with glossy prints in Gold, Copper, Green and black, each object is individually numbered with embossed print – you have to hold it in your hand, to understand the sheet beauty of the packaging!

Both albums have been fully remastered and are backed with tracks from a ‘Benefit to Tibet’ 7” from 1989. The CDs come gorgeously packed in inner sleeves with lyrics and renditions of original flyers, all of this in a folding cardboard cover, numbered to 500 copies, something to become CULT on its own!
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1.Exorcism / Waiting For The Sun
2.Liquid Temple
3.Dark Spirits
4.Bear Cave
5.Dreamings Ending
6.Electric Flowers
8.Where Merlin Played
9.Nile Song
10.Lost In Dreaming
11.Light Of Christ / This Hollow Ground
12.New Land (Original Demo Recording)
13.City Of Millions
14.Soft Machine
15.Dive In Deep
17.Wild Hills
18.A Black Rain
21.Rainbows End
22.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
23.New Land (Second Recording)
24.Exodus From Lhasa