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"Tongue Box"


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Release: November 2020
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Regis - Tongue Box 2LP

Regis revisits his releases for the dearly departed Blackest Ever Black with a ‘Tongue Box’ of remastered and restructured versions bearing the toned muscle and darkroom workshop atmospheres found in his 2020 debut album ‘Hidden In This Is The Light That Makes You’.

The set sees Regis return to a point when his sound had fully shifted from brittle, loopy bangers to a more sensuous, serpentine style embracing space and subbass, in a vital new mutation of UK industrial body musicks that acknowledged influence from techstep D&B as much as dark ambient and gothic sound design styles.

Restructured versions of Regis’ modern ...
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1.Blood Witness (Restructured)
2.Blinding Horses (Restructured)
3.Blinding Horses (Stable Boy Mix)
4.Manbait (Restructured)
5.The Solution
6.Masterside 1 (Remastered)
7.Masterside 2 (Remastered)