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"X Amount Of Stab Wounds In The Back"


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Release: 2012
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Rein(forced) - X Amount Of Stab Wounds In The Back CD

Rein(Forced) returns from a 6 year hiatus with an emotional and inspiring album, 'X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back'. 'X Amount of Stab Wounds' draws it's inspiration from the trials and tribulations that faced the band over the years. Overcoming a loss and defeating a beast provided plenty of lyrical motivation for lead singer Jim Semonik and programmer D.A. Turner.

Combining catchy synth hooks with coldwave inspired lyrics and attitude, Rein[Forced] provides a unique take on the current electo/industrial and EBM scenes. Focusing more on song writing rather than club tracks, Rein(Forced) provides a new depth to a style that has become forgotten in today's club scene.

The first single, 'Dichotomy', was released digitally on April 3 2012 and features remixes from Ego Likeness, Stiff Valentine, Deathproof and more.
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Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII 068
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