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"Waking up in a different World"


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Release: 2020
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Renard - Waking up in a different World CD

Genre: Electropop Markus Reinhardt, the founder of Echo Award-winning, Gold & Platinum-selling Wolfsheim presents WAKING UP IN A DIFFERENT WORLD, from his new electro project RENARD! Deeply rooted in the 80s, Renard is a modern take on electro/synthpop, that beautifully combines influences & history with a varied collection of vocal talent. “The end of Wolfsheim motivated me to reinvent myself. A process that was urgently needed. With Renard, I'm more with myself" Reinhardt says of RENARD, "My album combines the sound & mood of the 80s with the stylistic devices of today." RENARD showcases Reinhardt’s signature intimate songwriting in symbiosis with renowned producers Oliver Blair (Ladytron, Client, Soho-dolls, Kelli Ali / Sneaker Pimps) & the Hamburg Chaos Compressor Club (Neon black, Moddi, Marv, Steakknife, Love A, illegal colors). Vocal duties on the album are shared by a selection of well-known talented musicians. Pascal Finkenauer (JAW), lends his special timbre to the lead single “Travel in Time”, a perfect modern synthpop dance track. On “The Meissen Figurine,” urban-folk singer Joseh, who is also featured on “Junkyards,” brings a sense of uplifting spirituality to the song. On “Heresy,” the vocals are stunningly curated by British vocalist Sarah Blackwood (CLIENT, DUBSTAR). Greek multiple award-winning vocalist/composer Marietta Fafouti lends her beautiful voice to “Restless,” & Eliza Hiscox (royalchord) - from Berlin, by way of Australia, is enchanting on “My Heart’s still shaking”. “Hotel” & “Damn Happy” sees RENARD collaborate with legendary ALPHAVILLE vocalist Marian Gold. Reinhardt & Gold share a mutual admiration of each other’s work, & for Gold, singing for any act other than an ALPHAVILLE is an extraordinary occasion. WAKING UP IN A DIFFERENT WORLD is an apt title for RENARD’s splendid debut album. The project is an ambitious musical rebirth of Reinhardt post-WOLFSHEIM. WAKING UP IN A DIFFERENT WORLD is multifaceted and emotionally dense – an absolute work of art, and definitely an album, that the world of electro was waiting for!
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1.Meissen Figurine
3.Travel In Time
5.Damn Happy
7.My Hearts Still Shaking
9.Intelligent Design