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"The False Memory"


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Release: 2008
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Retractor - The False Memory CD

Milton Sanchez's "harsh electro" project Retractor returns with it´s second fullength album. Strong clubtracks as well as great ballads and deep lyrics show the variety of the musical potential. Musicwise you get a strong combination of bands such as Grendel, Life Cried, Supreme Court or even Feindflug (to name a few)!
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1.Bless The Enemy
2.All Children Go To Heaven
3.Victims Of Flesh
4.We Are The New Blood
5.Resurrect My Glory
7.Sacred Law
8.Where You Belong
9.Fire In Me
10.In Another Life
11.Will Of The Union
12.The False Memory
13.God In My Head
14.All Children Go To Heaven (Electro Mix By Hermonic)
15.W.O.T.U. (United Mix By Life Like)