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Reutoff vs Der Blutharsch

"Kreuzung Drei"


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Release: 2008
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Reutoff vs Der Blutharsch - Kreuzung Drei CD

The third volume in a series of collaborations between Reutoff and their friends. This issue includes 2 remixes of Der Blutharsch tracks from the album "When All Else Fails" by Reutoff, one remix of a Reutoff track from "ReuTRauM III", 7" by Der Blutharsch and one exclusive track from each artist. The release comes in a special "Kreuzung" series package made of brown crafted cardboard with a full colour stickered artwork/info cover and Reutoff logo embossed on the back. The CD comes housed in the same cardboard die-cut inner envelope. 5 tracks, 30 mins in total. First edition of 700 copies.
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