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Revolution State

"Viridian Resonance"


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Release: 2011
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Revolution State - Viridian Resonance CD

Around a decade ago, Revolution State was conceived by Ben P., and Bonnie P. These beginnings built the basic framework for what was to come. Each song was started from scratch, and the duo has maintained that as part of their philosophy; always writing the songs from rhythms and sounds they make themselves. RevState, as the duo is often called, contributed two songs to the 2003 Velvet Acid Christ album Hex Angel: Utopia Dystopia: "Misery", and "Eva". These tracks, as well as the tracks written for the debut split EP, Revolution State Vs. Noizekatt, built a sturdy foundation for the Revolution State sound: a blend of beautiful electronics and harsh dissonant elements that generate a unique and varied experience for each listener.

For the past five years, ...
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Label:Vendetta Music
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1.Rooms Of My Past
2.Killed For Your Convenience
4.The Individual
7.The Manufactured Idol
8.No Kami
10.The Departed
11.Scars (Fresh Cuts)
12.Where Am I
13.Bit Lip