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Rhys Fulber

"Your Dystopia My Utopia"


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Release: June 2018
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Rhys Fulber - Your Dystopia My Utopia 2LP

Rhys Fulber is one of the world’s most accomplished electronic producers. Throughout his 20+ year career, he has contributed significantly to the Industrial/EBM genre and it’s evolution. Fulber has an extensive oeuvre; from his innovative artistic collaborations with Bill Leeb (known predominantly as Front Line Assembly, and also as Delerium, Noise Unit, Intermix, and many others) to his work as a producer for bands such as Youth Code, Paradise Lost, and Fear Factory (Most notably on the genre defining DEMANUFACTURE album). He also works under the name Conjure One, which is a cinematic solo project that features collaborations with vocalists such as Sinead O’Connor and Leigh Nash.

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Label:Sonic Groove
1.Cognitivia 05:40
2.Limited Vision 07:20
3.Inhabits Eternity 07:12
4.Creosote 06:52
5.Anhedonia 06:39
6.Truncheon 05:35
7.My Church 07:47
8.The Sick 06:16
9.You Can Kill Them Or You Can Feed Them 06:21