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Robert Görl

"The Paris Tapes (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2018
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Robert Görl - The Paris Tapes (Limited Edition) LP

This LP and CD features tracks, that Robert Görl recorded in the late 80ies in Paris and that he was never able to finish due to various personal problems/accidents etc. A cassette of the unfinished songs from Paris, the dramatic, vivid, sometimes noxiously sibilant, yet always tenderly wrought tracks that Robert Görl recorded during his most profound life crisis turned up years later in a suitcase he had deposited in his brother’s barn. They remain musical sketches; Görl says he never felt the desire to make a real album out of them. They are sketches, but, in them, an entire time speaks to us, as does a life at a turning point; and the light that shimmers above the dark foundations of the noxious beats guides us into the future: everything ends with something beginning…
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