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Roland Barker

"Shredder Orpheus (OST 1989)"


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Release: 2014
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Roland Barker - Shredder Orpheus (OST 1989) LP

  • Unreleased soundtrack - vinyl includes full length DVD of the original movie. * Music by Roland Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Blackouts) and Bill Rieflin (Ministry, King Crimson, Blackouts). * Remastered from the original 24-track recordings. Orpheus' journey to the underworld is reworked as a post-apocalyptic skate rock-opera in this 1989 cult classic. The mortal world faces imminent destruction when Hades unleashes an evil television signal that sublimates and kills its viewers. These hypnotic broadcasts from the EUTHANASIA BROADCAST NETWORK are seducing the masses - except skateboard-guitarist Orpheus and his band of "SHREDDERS" who can see through this nefarious scheme. To save the world and his kidnapped wife Orpheus must penetrate the world of the dead and free the television airwaves. Armed with a futuristic guitar and a skateboard from hell, Orpheus storms onto the EBN stage to liberate the airwaves and rescue his wife. Shredder Orpheus features many Seattle performance luminaries including Seattle poet/performance artist Steven Jesse Bernstein (Sub Pop), and Robert McGinley in the title role. The 17 music cues weave together a blend of Barker's hypnotic synthesizer compositions with blistering skate rock tunes featuring virtuosic guitar work by Dennis Rea and precision percussion and bass by Rieflin and Amy Denio.
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1.Ramp Out
2.Overture: Skate Percussion
3.Worm Song
4.Orpheus And Eurydice Love Scene
5.Lazy River Styx
6.It's Art Dear
7.Don't Look Back
9.Flying Guitars
10.Magic Waters
11.Oracle Arrives
12.Ripping The Tarmac
13.To The Underworld
14.Together At Last
15.Blowing Up Ebn Signal
16.Head In Water
17.Ramp Out Reprise