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Rome Burns

"The Static Murmur"


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Release: 2009
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Rome Burns - The Static Murmur CD

Rome Burns' album, "The Static Murmur" is the follow-up to their warmly received 2nd album "Non Specific Ghost Stories", released exactly 4 (too) long years ago! While their last album already received highest praise from the likes of Mick Mercer: "...a work of magnificent inspiration, and I pity anyone who cant get a copy. There hasn't been a better UK Goth release in living memory, and that's simply a fact. Consider the great records I've reviewed from scenes which overlap with Goth (And Also The Trees, Unto Ashes) and this is up there with those!" - this their third album marks another great step forward for Rome Burns. An accomplished & confident 3rd album, taking their work to new heights. Produced again by Manuskripts' Mike Eewins, the album is a very polished collection of songs - dark in mood, blending gothic rock & light electronics to create a haunting masterpiece.
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1.The Escapologist
3.Then Janus
4.Co-ordinates Of Control
5.Rebecca Eureka
6.Tears Of The Avalanche Girl
7.Splitting Adam
8.The Writing's On The Wall
9.Allegiance Lies
10.Biding Time
11.Never Reign
12.Past The Embarkation Point