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"Hansa Studios Session II"


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Release: April 2021
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Rome - Hansa Studios Session II CD

Grammy-Award-winning audio engineer Michael Ilbert usually has his hands full with mixing the international Pop A-list, but ROME managed to squeeze into Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studios, yet again, for a one-day recording stunt after their 2019 ‘The West Knows Best’ tour.

Many of Jerome Reuter’s saints and idols have served the Church of Hansa and delivered ground-breaking work there: NICK CAVE, IGGY POP, DEPECHE MODE, THE PIXIES, EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, ZARAH LEANDER... to name but a few. And so the pressure was on to do this tradition justice.

ROME plus entourage set up ...
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1.Who Only Europe Know (Live At Hansa Studios)
2.The West Knows Best (Live At Hansa Studios)
3.Kali Yuga Über Alles (Live At Hansa Studios)
4.Uropia O Morte (Live At Hansa Studios)
5.Like Lovers (Live At Hansa Studios)
6.Blighter (Live At Hansa Studios)
7.The Twain (Live At Hansa Studios)
8.Skirmishes For Diotima (Live At Hansa Studios)