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"Hansa Studios Session"


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Release: June 2017
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Rome - Hansa Studios Session CD

For those not in the know and wondering: Hansa is a church. Many of rock'n'roll's saints and idols have done ground-breaking work in this particlar Studio in (West-)Berlin. This is where IGGY POP recorded "Lust for Life". Classics such as NICK CAVE's "Your Funeral, My Trial" and WIRES's "The Ideal Copy" and hundreds of others were all created here. DEPECHE MODE, THE PIXIES, KILLING JOKE, EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, FAD GADGET, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, THE PSYCHEDLIC FOURS, ZARAH LEANDER... these are just a few of the names who have worked at Hansa. And, of course, DAVID BOWIE. The walls and carpeted floors of Hansa Studio have sucked up so much rock'n'roll grandeur... it probably only compares to London's Abbey Road.

ROME and its entourage set ...
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1.Transference (Live At Hansa Studios)
2.Der Brandtaucher (Live At Hansa Studios)
3.Querkraft (Live At Hansa Studios)
4.Stillwell (Live At Hansa Studios)
5.Reversion (Live At Hansa Studios)
6.Mine (Live At Hansa Studios)
7.The Torture Detachment (Live At Hansa Studios)
8.A Legacy Of Unrest (Live At Hansa Studios)