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"Hate Us And See If We Mind"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Rome - Hate Us And See If We Mind MCD

JEROME REUTER certainly does not give a toss about anyone's expectations. While some are still trying to get a handle on last year's soul-baring ‘Hell Money’ and its stylistic twist, Reuter now releases a monumental industrial/folk EP, on which the old industrial influences are not only reincorporated into ROME's musical landscape, but are taken quite a step further. ’The Colony’, an almost 40-minute-long industrial tour-de-force divided into two separate tracks, is the main course here: a barrage of textures, bleak industrial loops, straight-forward noise and eerie dark ambient soundscapes with a distinctive ROMEan feel are mixed into one soothing cocktail.

This limited edition EP is ...
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InfraRot item number:9941.728
Label's catalogue number:TRI 470
1.The Colony (Lowveld)
2.The Colony (Highveld)
3.Hate Us And See If We Mind (Single Version)
4.The Fever Tree (Single Version)