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"Masse Mensch Material"


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Release: March 2021
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Rome - Masse Mensch Material CD

After two successful albums, 'Nera' and 'Confessions d'un voleur d'âmes', Rome blessed us with its 12-track-knock-out 'Masse Mensch Material' - which holds more than one musical surprise! Romes particular brand of post-industrial folk, combined with new-wave song-writing and neo-classical arrangements, takes on a new and poppy twist. But these outstanding songs have way too much depth to be dismissed as mere pop music. This third album is of a more subtle darkness and one of Romes best work to date. A work of art of extreme sincerity, 'Masse Mensch Material' revolves around the themes of love, faith and endurance.

Rome has created a fascinating ...
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2.Der Brandtaucher
3.Das Feuerrordal
4.Der Tote Spielmann
5.Wir Götter Der Stadt
6.Die Nelke
7.Der Erscheinungen Flcuht
8.Die Brandstifter
10.Wir Moorsoldaten
11.Neue Erinnerung