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Release: March 2021
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Rome - Nera CD

After a highly praised mini-CD, 'Berlin', the interest for this martial pop act has been immense. And Rome delivers! Rome was founded in 2005 as a main output for the songs of JeRome Reuter, Luxembourg. Long time since a debut album was so eagerly awaited as by Rome, and 'Nera', which is the title of this brilliant piece, is 'black' indeed.

The atmosphere weighs heavy on the soul - a burden of flowers. However, Rome manages to include warmth and affection in its cold world of steel. The main characters in this language of lurking are defeated men - not unschooled by pain - in seedy places. Rome songs are full of citations, abstractions and ideals. The marching and counter-marching of doubtful armies luring our love away, with licit grace, icy and bitter irony.

The first edition of this debut album has long been sold-out since its release in 2006. Due to JeRome's constant changes of address during the CMI-years some original artwork files have been lost to time. However, the artwork has been restored or partially re-invented and even enhanced with a booklet containing all lyrics and additional photographs.
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Label's catalogue number:TRI 392
1.Der Zeitsturm
2.A Burden Of Flowers
4.A La Faveur De La Nuit
5.Das Unbedingte
6.Rape Blossoms
7.Beasts Of Prey
8.The Blade Unmasked
9.Hope Dies Painless
11.Birds Of Prey
12.Les Hirondelles